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Testimonials - to use or not to use?


Main challenges of American online stores

It’s not a secret that testimonials are the driving force behind purchasing decisions. However, still not every representative of e-commerce uses them on the site. Let’s find out why is it so!

According to the survey conducted by us, 82% of american online stores look for the ways of attracting new customers. Raising repeat sales and increasing a conversion rate to purchase are also among main challenges for e-commerce and online services.

The majority of respondents pointed at social networks as the main channel for finding new customers and advertising their products now. They noted the tremendous power of word of mouth and the importance of connecting with customers for continued success. Surprisingly, they do not consider testimonials as a tool to achieve these!

Social networks developed by online stores in USA

Features of e-commerce testimonials in the U.S.

We found out that more than 67% of those surveyed have ever tried to implement reviews or testimonials. We can assume that this experience was not successful for them and testimonials didn't bring them an increase in sales.

It’s interesting that a half of those who have used testimonials are generally satisfied with the services they chose. Among the disadvantages of the tools were mentioned:

  • lack of ability to edit or process a video testimonials before posting;
  • high costs;
  • some data gaps;
  • limited customization which is not enough for each user experience.

The above points seem to be more relevant to the use of video testimonials. But this type of testimonials are being used only by 35% of american online stores. 60% of the US e-commerce receive customers’ feedback in text using Birdeye, Testimonial Tree, and other tools.

Testimonials services and software

Video testimonials: pros and cons

As for video, such tools as Videowise, Videopeel, Vouch and Firework are aimed at working only with certain types of selling videos. Recomm’s key difference is in automation of all types of video content for ecommerce.

One of the hardest things is to collect video from the customers. Representatives of online stores often ask clients to record video testimonials themselves. While doing so, they have to take into account the delivery time, and write clients an e-mail or message on social media directly after that moment.

Some e-commerce sites focus on repeat sales and find loyal customers to record their video feedback. In addition, as the survey showed, often a customer gets a gift, discount or coupon in return for such a review.

Despite the fact that some smaller online stores receive video testimonials from 1 to 3 times a week, many respondents noted that the process of recording such feedback is too complicated for customers. Clients and people in general are very busy nowadays, and video recording take too much time and incentives.

So is text cheaper and easier to use? Maybe yes, but only at first glance.

We should think about the efficiency as the main criteria. Video has an impressive 95% retention rate vs. 12% for the text. Also video testimonials can give you 3x higher viewer engagement and conversion.

Why is it so? Beause videos show real stories of the customers. They give real emotions, which can be lost behind the regular text. As a result using video testimonials increases social proof and sales of almost every online store.

So we started thinking, how can we help customers and make it as easy as possible for them to record a video review? And we came up with that! Recomm offers automated collection of selling videos. Any online store can create a campaign to get video testimonials just in a few clicks:

  • customize it with a logo, questions to customers and instruction;
  • collect video testimonials using a single link;
  • moderate received videos and post them on the site;
  • share video reviews on social media and other sites.

Collecting video testimonials has never been easier! Ask for a demo of our video testimonials tool and be on track with ReComm!

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