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How to collect video testimonials from the customers?


The tool of CustDev

Customer development (custdev) is the necessary process to create a useful product. At its core, it is a customer-centric approach to business, where the problem is identified at first, and only after that the product is developed.

We are at ReComm spent quite a lot time on validating our products in the market, especially on identifying the main consumer's pain. And then it was followed by hours and days finding ways to solve it.

So, while there are enough services to upload video testimonials to a website, the main challenge for users is collecting those reviews. As our target audience is small and medium e-commerce businesses, we conducted a survey to know how they solve this issue.

The most effective methods of collecting video testimonials

Personal e-mail and messenger letters are noted as the most effective method of gathering video feedback. At the same time chatbots in messengers are considered as one of quite effective ways to ask for a video testimonial. It saves time and resources of online stores’ employees. And customers are quite active and not shy in answering chatbots' questions.

If we are talking about posting a request for a video testimonial directly on the site, of course this is most often done by using thank you pages. However, in this case, the product is only ordered, but not received to the buyer, so at this stage requesting a review is not quite logical.

When to ask customer for a video testimonial

As we can see, not all online stores take delivery time into account when requesting for a feedback. This can make it difficult to collect video testimonials. However, most interviewees still say that customers simply aren't interested in recording videos. But why?

Because it is complicated.

Because people are uncomfortable and embarrassed to videotape themselves.

Because of privacy reasons.

Because recording a video is time-consuming.

Because it is easier to write text than to shoot video.

Tips get video testimonials from customers quick and easy

First we should think about is how to help customers feel relaxed and comfortable while recording. And of course buyers should get an awesome product to be willing to tell everybody about it.

For example, we can give customers:

  • detailed instructions;
  • examples of good video testimonials;
  • inspiring and calming cover video;
  • high speed of video uploading;
  • the ability to import videos from gallery and social networks.

This is not an exhaustive list of things we can offer customers and get a coveted video review.

You can already use some of the above by signing up for a free Recomm account! Here you can create a customized automated campaign to collect as many video testimonials as you want. You can moderate, post and share them to boost conversion and sales up to 30%!

Moreover we will show you something very new in our toolkit very soon! Be on track with Recomm!

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