Collect video testimonials quick and easy

Boost repeat sales and stimulate new ones with video testimonials

on the e-commerce content platform

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1. Create

customized campaign in the dashboard 

2. Request

video testimonials using a single recorder link 

3. Approve

(or decline) received video testimonials 

4. Post

approved video in playlists on your site

5. Share

video testimonials to your social media

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of consumers that are ready to buy after watching a good video review


increase in average time spent on the site

up to

growth of conversion to purchase with video testimonials

Compatible with different platforms

...and any other no-code, low-code, e-commerce platforms!

Increase repeat sales and stimulate new ones

Set up a video testimonial funnel to boost repeat sales and attract new customers at the same time!

Just three steps to increase your sales

Manage all video comments in one place using the admin panel

Step 1

Add your website in admin panel

Step 2

Paste the plugin code into the website

Step 3

Record the first shoppable video and start to sale

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